SLR Principal Ecologist delivers wind farm ornithology training to Scottish Natural Heritage.

Leading environmental firm SLR Consulting has provided specialist training to Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) staff to increase their awareness of wind farm related ornithology. As a statutory consultee, SNH advice is regularly sought on planning applications by wind farm developers and their consultants, Local Planning Authorities and the Scottish Government. The training was designed to give SNH staff a broad understanding of what is required to assess the potential impacts of a proposed wind farm on bird communities, how and why the data is collected in the field and what analyses and interpretation methods are available. SLR Consulting Principal Ecologist, Dr Rhys Bullman, who authored the course said: “Feedback from the attendees was very positive with them agreeing that the content and presentation of the subject matter, along with the hands-on training in the field, would allow them to confidently apply what they had learnt in their day to day wind farm case work.” Rhys has been involved in the assessment of the potential impacts of wind farms on birds in Scotland since 2003 and has undertaken numerous ornithological impact assessments at a range of scales in both onshore and offshore environments.