SLR adds further strength to its process emissions and ambient air quality testing services

SLR Consulting, has today announced the appointment of Keith and Sylvia James to its Perth Office

Formerly from Stack-Air, Keith James has been at the forefront of emissions testing in Western Australia since 1993.  In particular, Keith’s extensive experience includes the measurement of process emissions, test method development and working with process operators to commission and fine tune process operations.

SLR’s Asia Pacific Technical Discipline Manager for Air Quality commented:  “This is an exciting step in the development of SLR’s air quality monitoring services, and adds significant strength and depth to our existing capabilities.  Furthermore, it will act as a catalyst for continued growth of our specialist services in Western Australia and the Northern Territories.”

Upon their move to SLR Keith and Sylvia James commented … “We are very excited to join SLR and the opportunity to combine our skills and expertise with such a prominent national air quality modelling and monitoring consultancy.”

SLR is also an accredited laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025 for asbestos fibre counting, air volume measurement, asbestos identification in bulk materials and for a uniquely extensive range of process emissions monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring services.

Stack-Air’s Keith & Sylvia James with SLR’s Peter Georgiou
(l to r) Stack-Air’s Keith & Sylvia James with SLR’s Peter Georgiou