SLR’s participation at Mine Closure 2018

SLR is looking forward to attending Mine Closure 2018 in Leipzig, with papers being presented by colleagues from our North American and European offices. As we provide mine and quarry closure advisory services globally, our services provide for integration of closure considerations over the full life cycle - from initial feasibility and project development, to operation and closure.

Dr Ian Hutchison will be delivering two papers at Mine Closure 2018, the first of which discusses probalistic cost estimating as a guide to effective mine closure planning and was prepared in conjunction with M. Nahir and J. Ankersmit of Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAC), Government of Canada. In the paper, the authors outline various probabilistic-based methods of estimating closure costs, and discuss how these can be used for mine closure planning, development of risk management plans, financial reserve estimates and budgeting. Delving into a case history, the paper then concludes with a discussion of how INAC proposes to apply the tools and procedures to improve both its forecasting and budgeting, as well as the mine closure planning process.

Ian’s second paper – ‘Risks in planning and designing for mine closures’ - focuses on the ever increasing complex human interactional and technical processes involved in planning, designing and closing mines. Considering the wealth of issues that have occurred in mine closures previously, the authors describe a more formalised decision-making process that at its centre incorporates a detailed definition of closure objectives and selection of alternatives to meet these objectives, as well as comprehensive decision analyses.

Simon Higson (SLR’s Nottingham office, UK) will also be delivering a paper titled ‘Landscape and Visual Considerations in Mine Closure: An International Overview’. Having prepared this paper in collaboration with Tim Paul and Anne Merkle (SLR Ireland), it considers the potential landscape and visual effects associated with development as part of the EIA process, with relation to the context of mine closure. Describing the main ways of determining landscape and visual opportunities and constraints for mine closure planning - from initial conceptual stages, through to detailed operations/phasing, decommissioning and reclamation/rehabilitation - the paper also showcases the latest geo-spatial mapping and analysis technologies, along with computer generated modelling, imaging and presentation techniques.

Finally, Peter Kinghan (SLR’s Dublin office, Ireland) and Jamie Robinson (SLR’s Bradford on Avon office, UK) have a paper included in the proceedings ‘Determining the Geochemistry of Soil and Water Using Drone based Hyperspectral Analysis’. This paper outlines an innovative, value-added approach to geochemical assessment using drone technology.

SLR’s team are looking forward to participating in the conference and want to take the opportunity to showcase SLR’s knowledge and expertise in mine closure. The chance to meet up with existing and prospective clients in this sector on a multi-national scale is one not to be missed, and we look forward to seeing you in Leipzig.

Key Contacts:

Simon Higson

Tim Paul