From Environmental Management to Sustainability training course

SLR's Colin Malcolm will be delivering a one-day training course in London in connection with the Food and Drink Federation on the 16th of May 2019. Colin Malcolm has seventeen year’s continuous experience in the delivery of environmental sustainability services including environmental law and risk management, sustainability in the value chain, auditing, environmental management systems, resource efficiency, carbon and waste management.

About the course

This course will introduce practical approaches to help organisations advance environmental performance within the broader framework of sustainability and in ways that align with and support strategic business objectives.

Topics include

  • Defining environmental management, environmental sustainability and sustainability in a business context
  • Understanding and effectively managing external environmental context factors (Supplier environmental frameworks, sustainable development goals, government policy, BREF revisions, stakeholder analysis etc.)
  • Environmental sustainability and the organisational value chain – identifying and developing risks and opportunities
  • Sustainability reporting platforms and benchmarks (Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact)
  • Practical examples and case studies of best practice
  • Moving from environmental management to sustainability – developing and implementing a strategy

The course focus is on recognising the role that environmental sustainability plays in supporting an organisation’s strategic business objectives; including cost savings, productivity/efficiency, maintaining existing business relationships, winning new clients, competitive advantage, and reputation in the market place.

Who should attend?

  • Board members
  • Senior management
  • Departmental leaders throughout the organisational value chain
  • Environmental managers

For more information and to register for the course visit the Food and Drink Federation website here.

Key Contacts:

Colin Malcolm