SLR Adds Expertise to Steel Industry Work in Pittsburgh

SLR welcomes Brian Bakowski to SLR’s new Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office. Brian brings expertise in large scale emissions control systems as well as Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling skills to our growing steel sector compliance team. Brian’s background also includes environmental permitting, geotechnical field surveys, and trouble-shooting emission control systems.

“Brian brings a fantastic combination of CFD modeling expertise and practical problem-solving experience to our Air Quality discipline and our industrial and mining sectors,” said Tim Desselles, PE, US Lead for Air Quality and Acoustics services. “Combined with our permitting and compliance teams, Brian allows SLR to continue to improve our value to clients in reducing project timelines and operational costs due to environmental, health and safety compliance.”

Brian brings over 30 years of consulting experience with a significant emphasis on project engineering and construction management. Utilizing his background with CFD modeling, Brian has worked closely with his metals industry clients throughout the region to design systems to address operational challenges while driving the performance, compliance, and function for the facilities.

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