SLR Sectors

We focus on six key business sectors

We apply our trade to many business sectors, click for further details:


Built Environment

SLR provides straightforward, commercially aware and technically robust advice to clients in the Built Environment sector. We support investors, developers, regulators, policy makers, landowners and other stakeholders.



SLR is a leading global provider of advisory and environmental consultancy services to businesses within a broad range of manufacturing and commercial industries.



SLR is a globally-respected provider of environmental, scientific and engineering services to government and private clients delivering projects across the transportation, infrastructure, waste management and government works sectors.


Mining & Minerals

SLR provides professional services to the mining, minerals and extractive industries. Our specialist team have been involved in projects covering a diverse range of minerals. Our expertise and capability are relevant to all stages of the mine life cycle.


Oil & Gas

SLR provides global advisory and environmental services for all stages of the oil and gas value chain; from exploration through to market. We can demonstrate significant project experience and expertise for most oil and gas regions of the world.



SLR has a reputation for delivering expert knowledge and support across an extensive range of power technologies and infrastructure including: Biomass; Carbon capture, transport & storage; Cogeneration & trigeneration; Geothermal & ground energy systems; Grid connection and infrastructure; Hydro power; Solar power; Wave and tidal energy; and Wind energy.