Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

SLR’s acoustics team offers a broad range of services and a wealth of experience in acoustics and in noise and vibration control measures.

Our team’s expertise can be employed in a variety of ways, from providing guidance on architectural acoustics to carrying out full environmental noise impact assessments for major industrial facilities and infrastructure projects.

We offer advice on mitigating measures to balance potential environmental issues with the need for development. SLR also undertakes design and implementation of noise monitoring schemes to verify site compliance.

How Can SLR help

  • Architectural Acoustical Design - Building Services Noise and Vibration Control
  • Industrial Facility Noise and Vibration Assessments and Noise Control Design
  • Transportation Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments (Road, Rail, Airports, Seaports)
  • Audio / Visual System Designs
  • Underwater Acoustics Monitoring, Modelling and Assessments
  • Structural Dynamics Investigations and Mitigation
  • Mining / Quarrying Noise and Blasting Impact Monitoring and Assessments
  • Oil Refinery & Gas Plant Noise Assessments and Mitigation (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream)
  • Aeroacoustics (Wind Induced Noise) Investigations and Mitigation
  • Construction Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments

Aviation Acoustics

SLR has a realistic understanding of the constraints applying to aviation operations and is familiar with the practicalities and both the direct and indirect costs associated with implementation of relevant noise control measures.

Building Acoustics

Our team has experienced individuals with professional expertise dedicated to providing specialist consulting services to clients including government bodies, architects, planners, developers, and building contractors.

City Noise Mapping

​SLR can predict environmental noise impacts by mapping regional or local noise, which is a combined process of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and acoustic analysis.

Health Sector Acoustics and Vibration

​SLR has an enviable reputation for providing high quality acoustic consulting services to the health sector. The acoustics of a space, together with thermal comfort, lighting levels, color and smell, is a key component in determining how we relate to a building.

Industrial Acoustics

Increasingly, industry and residential developments (or other noise-sensitive developments) are located much closer together as undeveloped land in close proximity to transportation infrastructure and to the major areas of commerce becomes scarcer.

LNG Facility Acoustics

SLR is at the forefront of providing a wide range of environmental, engineering, and socioeconomic services to support every stage of the oil and gas value chain, from upstream exploration to downstream markets, both onshore and offshore.

Machine Vibration

SLR can survey large machine systems with multiple susceptible components subject to variable speed operation. Our modeling team can assist where measurements are difficult or limited. SLR has broad expertise in Finite Element Analysis to verify and interpret site measurements.

Marine: Underwater and Port Acoustics

SLR provides a diverse set of consulting and engineering services for the marine industry. Our areas of expertise include a full range of environmental compliance services, noise mitigation for port and underwater activities....

Mining Noise and Vibration

SLR has a long history of involvement in the mining and quarrying industries ranging from EIA/EIS noise assessments, to noise control retrofitting of existing facilities to enable compliance with revised environmental objectives.

Power Generation and Transmission

SLR is one of the leading providers of environmental services to electric power generation, transmission, and distribution industries, including acoustics and noise control mitigation recommendations.

Railway Acoustics

At SLR, we are focused on providing superior technical services with an emphasis on controlling noise impacts at source by best-practice design.

Roadway Acoustics

​At SLR, we are focused on providing superior technical services with an emphasis on controlling noise impacts at source by best-practice design.

Structural Dynamics

Structural dynamics is an area that covers experimental, analytical, and computational methods for determining the response of structures to dynamic environments. SLR has participated in a wide variety of projects accumulating particular expertise covering most areas of Structural Dynamics and extending to the more advanced applications involving state-of-the-art techniques.

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