Health Sector Acoustics and Vibration

SLR has an enviable reputation for providing high quality acoustic consulting services to the health sector. The acoustics of a space, together with thermal comfort, lighting levels, color, and smell, is a key component in determining how we relate to a building. It is critical because it relates directly to one of our five basic senses and helps to create an atmosphere. For example, a hospital should evoke thoughts of comfort, rest, and safety. Quiet noise levels and short reverberations times are compatible with domestic situations and are more likely to provide reassurance and feelings of trust in patients.

Importantly, our experience in the health area has enabled us to provide good outcomes for the use of spaces by patients, staff, and the specific operational requirements of hospitals. 

Some parts of hospitals require ultra-low vibration levels as they accommodate vibration-sensitive equipment (e.g., MRI scanners or electron microscopes). SLR has gained experience in the assessment and control of vibration sources on a range of projects, including research facilities and hospitals.