Emissions Measurements

SLR provides full service emissions measurements consulting assistance. SLR’s experienced emissions measurements staff are uniquely qualified to provide management, oversight and perform source testing services for various industries. Our measurements services include characterization of criteria and hazardous air pollutants to demonstrate permit or regulatory compliance, provide diagnostic data for the optimization or design of pollution controls, certification of emission monitoring instrumentation and improve process operations. Our goal is to offer our clients high quality emissions measurements services including design, implementation and interpretation and deliver the services in a cost effective manner.

Through evaluation of client’s regulatory compliance requirements SLR is able to design a protocol, execute field measurements, reduce and interpret the results, and report the findings in a proficient and meaningful format. SLR’s project managers are extremely proficient in the execution of volatile organic compound (VOC), metals, and dioxin and furan methodologies. We have gained extensive experience in the design and execution of test programs for engineering purposes, diagnostic reasons and efficiency and/or optimization of control equipment.

SLR’s project managers have designed and executed numerous fugitive emissions evaluations for copper smelting and molybdenum refining facilities. In addition, we have completed many Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) audits for pulp and paper, cement and power generation facilities.