Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Programs

With the increased use of optical gas imaging techniques SLR provides leak detection and repair (LDAR) support to all facets of the oil and gas industry. Although SLR has implemented numerous Method 21 LDAR programs in the past, the portable FID detectors are quickly being replaced by optical gas imaging (OGI) techniques. Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera techniques have now been recognized as a viable alternative by US EPA. The OGI method has been proven to reduce labor cost and been highly successful in reducing fugitive product loss while minimizing site risk. New developments in unconventional shale gas production has most notably taken advantage of the OGI techniques, but EPA’s New Source Performance Standard under subpart OOOOa incorporates OGI as a means of satisfying the LDAR requirements which now apply to all facets of the oil and gas industry within 60 days of constructing or modifying a site.

A solid understanding of today’s air regulatory requirements combined with sound technical knowledge of unconventional gas exploration and production are SLR’s key advantages. Using these abilities, SLR has successfully developed monitoring protocols to satisfy State and Federal leak detection and repair requirements (LDAR) tailored toward meeting our clients’ individual site objectives.