SLR has dedicated technicians to provide computer aided draughting and design support to all the technical disciplines within the company.

Our CAD technicians are located within all our key offices, providing drawings, figures and illustrations for projects that cover the entire spectrum of SLR’s output. Our drawings and output comply with our corporate image and in accordance with our accredited quality assurance systems, ensuring consistency and quality irrespective of the project or the media they are produced on.

In order to provide this support as quickly and efficiently as possible, project workloads are co-ordinated to ensure that the right person with the correct skills is appointed to undertake the work within the timescales given. Our technicians are trained and have access to various software types, principally Autocad, Corel and Adobe packages. We also have technicians providing terrain modelling and volume calculation services in support of Civil Engineering and Landfill Engineering projects, using Macarthy Taylor LSS and Key Systems software.

Our graphical and illustrative skills are also used to provide an in-house capability to support marketing and publicity material, such as posters, flyers, and digital presentations.

In addition to this CAD team which provides support across the company, some of our technical disciplines have dedicated CAD technicians/specialists within their own ranks, particularly in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Survey.

In order that we provide the most efficient service, our senior CAD managers also have responsibility to ensure that our software is up to date, and trialling and testing new software (whether these are mainstream revisions or specific packages). Our CAD staff are also trained to keep abreast of changes and to provide new and additional support as our company expands.

How Can SLR help

  • Data capture, management and manipulation
  • Geoprocessing and spatial analysis
  • Spatial modelling
  • Visualisation
  • Development and management of GIS systems

3D/4D Modelling, Virtual Reality & Animation

SLR believes that 3D/4D modelling, virtual reality and animation can have a far reaching role in the delivery and communication of high quality projects and they are used for many of our projects where there is a visual story to tell. We believe that clearly illustrating designs and ideas to clients is paramount and with a solid benchmark of quality we have a strong history of success.

We have both national and international clients who value our role for producing measured photomontages and virtual reality models. We consistently deliver high end visuals, virtual reality models and animations. The scale of our virtual models covers vast areas of land that we fly in real time turning development proposals on and off. These models aid the design process saving clients money and time. They help in public meetings clearly illustrating to the general public and authoritative bodies how the schemes will look when complete and in the future.

When it comes to wind farm studies we are second to none and our verified montages, which are scrutinised in court at public inquiry level, pass the stringent tests placed upon them.

GIS and Spatial Analysis

GIS (Geographical Information Systems/Science) is a computer based system that is used widely amongst our clients as a way to capture, store, display and analyse data that has a geospatial reference. The ArcGIS Software (along with MapInfo and QGIS) used within SLR integrates spatial and tabular data to allow us to visualise patterns, trends and relationships in the form of maps.

GIS gives us the ability to map, model, query and analyse large quantities of data stored both outside of and within a relational database (SQL Server) according to its geographical location. Using the GIS software we can assign a series of attributes to each spatial feature. This data is held within GIS as a collection of layers that can be linked together by a common location component such as coordinates, postcodes, census output areas, government boundaries, etc. These layers can contain a variety of different types of data such as transportation networks, site infrastructure, economic activity, hydrology, ecology, population etc.

SLR has a dedicated team of GIS professionals located throughout the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the USA who have experience in delivering GIS support on a wide range of projects. They ensure spatial data is managed and analysed in an efficient and accurate manner, adding value through efficient analysis, data management and innovative data visualisation. Our GIS consultants are experienced in all of SLR’s main business areas with an in-depth knowledge and access to the latest software and data manipulation tools.

The team maintains a comprehensive database of environmental datasets which are used to prepare constraint maps and support multi-criteria analysis. They also have vast experience of creating constraint databases that can be used at national, regional and site level. This method has successfully been used to inform strategic development and to design site layouts.

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