Energy Management

We help organisations put in place systems to measure energy use, benchmark energy performance, and implement processes to manage and improve energy performance on an ongoing basis.

Energy Metering, Monitoring & Targeting (MM&T)

We help organisations develop and implement energy metering, monitoring and targeting systems (MM&T). This includes the specifications of metering points, meters and systems to analyse and report energy use and related performance, for example energy dashboards with performance metrics. We help organisations analyse energy data and develop systems to track energy performance, set targets and identify deviations.

Energy Awareness, Training and People Engagement

The engagement of staff within an organisation is vital to the success of any initiative to reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

We provide bespoke services to help organisations increase awareness of energy use and the related impacts. We develop training materials and provide training in order to equip staff to deliver the relevant energy aspects of their roles.

We provide mentoring for in-house personnel to develop skills and sustain continuous improvement processes, and we develop initiatives and awareness tools to ensure staff become engaged and actively participate in energy reduction programs.