Iron, Steel and Other Metals

SLR consultants have undertaken energy efficiency work covering iron, steel, copper and magnesium production and forming. Studies have included all process steps including leaching, hydrolysis, melting, forming, machining and casting.

SLR consultants can offer:

  • Energy audits for all production processes including extraction, electrolysis, melting, refining, casting, forming, machining and finishing. We also consider all water and auxiliary power consumers.
  • Development of energy saving opportunities across all thermal, mechanical and electrical operations;
  • Metering, monitoring and targeting specification and data analysis.
  • Engagement and training of senior managers, engineers and operators.
  • Development of bespoke tools to help prioritise and track implementation.
  • Energy management systems development and implementation.

Example projects include:

  • Corporate steel company energy program across three countries. Physical audits were conducted at 16 mini-mill and rolling mills, as well as several specialist casting and forging sites. The project included training of energy teams on every site and knowledge transfer to enable a sustained energy management program. Over US$12M and an additional €3.2M savings were identified.
  • Energy audits and metering strategy for cast, hot formed and cold drawn pipe mills.
  • Combined water, carbon and energy efficiency programme for 3 copper mines and processing plants in South America. Up to 130 opportunities were identified at each site. A tool for portfolio and scenario analysis was developed to allow any combination of projects to be considered over life of asset, with different production, costs and energy supply constraints.
  • Energy utilisation study in a magnesium and magnesium alloy casting house, targeting specifically low and no cost opportunities and behavioural impacts.