Mining and Minerals Processing

SLR energy consultants have experience across a range of mining and minerals processing including coal, iron ore, copper and phosphates. As well as energy consultants, SLR Consulting have a well-established mining and minerals practice area which can provide in depth support for mine operations and processing to hydrogeology and mine development. By combining these two practice areas SLR can provide a comprehensive energy, water, carbon and environmental service to mining and minerals.

SLR consultants can offer:

  • Energy audits for corporate organisations, individual sites, processes and unit operations. Experience has covered batch and continuous operations.
  • Integral programs including the skill sets of carbon and energy management with mining and minerals team.
  • Development of energy saving opportunities across all processes and unit operations
  • Training in aspects of energy efficiency.
  • Modelling of process flowsheets and processes.
  • Metering, monitoring and targeting specification and data analysis.
  • Engagement and training of senior managers, engineers and operators.
  • Development of bespoke tools to help prioritise and track implementation
  • Energy management systems development and implementation.

Example projects include:

  • Global program for mining and minerals company across UK, Europe, Middle East, North America and China. Structured and technical process and operational analysis of conventional energy and water consumption. By taking a more holistic approach it was possible to justify additional energy efficiency projects which would not have been justified on energy savings alone. Typical opportunities identified included: heat recovery, compressed air, embedded generation, motors and drives, materials handling, complex process optimisation. Over the last two years implemented projects and changes have realised over £12M verified annualised savings.
  • Combined water, carbon and energy efficiency programme for 3 copper mines and processing plants in South America. Up to 130 opportunities were identified at each site. A tool for portfolio and scenario analysis was developed to allow any combination of projects to be considered over life of asset, with different production, costs and energy supply constraints
  • Water and energy efficiency study for an iron ore miner in Australia, with the objective to enable doubling of production with minimum additional water or energy resources.