Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation

A core principle for sustainable development is that a decision, project or initiative needs to be financially viable, environmentally responsible and socially acceptable. Lack of stakeholder and community acceptance is a key project risk factor. 

SLR’s approach is frequently supported by running a parallel process to secures the ‘social license to operate’ (SltO) by consulting with and gaining the support of local communities and other stakeholders.

How can SLR help?

SLR has developed a social engagement approach, based on proven principles, to work alongside clients to assist them earn and maintain a SLtO.  The approach is based on the following fundamentals:

  • Social engagement: involves listening, and then doing something tangible based on what you have heard.
  • Early stage stakeholder engagement: this phase is critical to a successful project outcome.
  • Stakeholder engagement in decision making: has clear benefits, which include:
  • Increased likelihood that the initiative or project is accepted.
  • Reducing legal costs by reducing potential legal challenges
  • Long term financial savings
  • Reduced conflict and greater cooperation
  • Improved relationships with stakeholders, regulators and media
  • Reducing stress on company employees through working in a supportive community

Main SLR Offering

SLR’s Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation services include:

  • Facilitation and Strategic Communication: including small and large group facilitation, stakeholder scoping, strategy development and change management.
  • Consultation and Engagement: including issues identification, risk assessment and strategy development.
  • Enabling Relationships: including stakeholder liaison, conflict management and mediation.
  • Capacity Building: including communication training and coaching, community development and education.