Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)

SLR has experience of facilitating stakeholder consultation for various project types all over the world.

From the UK to South Africa SLR has successfully helped our clients hold events with public bodies, NGO’s and the local community, ensuring that these are both meaningful and run smoothly.

The Stakeholder Engagement Plan is a tool to identify and mobilize all the individuals, groups and institutions affected by a Project. First, it helps clarifying all the project stakeholders’ expectations, fears and motivations, in order to better manage them, and second it participates in structuring an efficient dialogue between the various stakeholders and the Project’s members. SLR produces SEP that favours a qualitative approach to better understand the root cause of stakeholder behaviour, and a collaborative one to capture all interests. Our teams propose a structured and operational communication system that includes all the different stakeholders and adapts the nature, scale and frequency of engagement according to the level of risks and potential impacts the project is likely to create. The client will receive a governance tool, adapted to the stakeholders and taking into account the nature of the Project, and will provide sustainable and locally shaped solutions.