Environmental Management, Permitting & Compliance

SLR provides a comprehensive environmental management, permitting and compliance service to our clients. We support our clients in all areas of environmental management, including developing and maintaining integrated and discipline-specific management systems for environment, health & safety and energy that add value to businesses. We also help our clients secure waste and environmental permits, to enable them to effectively comply with regulatory requirements.

We deliver corporate responsibility services, in strategic sustainability issues and corporate reporting.

SLR also provides services to help our clients conform to all environmental compliance obligations and to operate efficiently, aligning with the principles of a circular economy. We have proven expertise and experience in working with private and public organisations across a variety of sectors providing a broad range of technical and non-technical services.

How can SLR help?

Auditing and Assurance

SLR assists clients to develop and implement leading edge auditing and assurance programs. For nearly three decades, we have been at the forefront of developing innovative and effective EHS assurance programs.

Compliance Services

Organizations face increasingly complex EHS compliance requirements, while the consequences of non-compliance have never been higher. SLR’s specialist consultants identify compliance requirements, assess compliance strategies, implement compliance actions, and provide assurance of compliance status.

Corporate Responsibility and Reporting

Organizations benefit from having access to reliable EHS performance metrics and understanding their key performance drivers. SLR can help companies meet investor, customer, employee, regulator and stock exchange expectations for reporting.

Environmental and Sustainability Training

Capacity-building and competence development are key to successful environmental management and achieving sustainability goals. SLR’s experts support organisations in identifying competence gaps and developing and delivering expert training to close them.

Management Systems

An effective EHS management system is fundamental to all businesses, regardless of the nature of their activities. Having a tailored EHS management system in place can deliver a range of benefits.

Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

SLR’s regulatory compliance specialists support our clients to effectively address their complicated regulatory and legal obligations. We have deep experience in assisting our clients to manage their EHS permitting and licensing requirements.

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