Environmental and Sustainability Training

SLR’s subject matter experts provide high value technical and environmental management training. Our training services are delivered by subject matter experts, experienced in supporting organizations at strategic and operational levels. Our specialists work with our clients to identify competence gaps and develop training programs that build organizational capacity.

Increasing staff competence allows our clients to improve EHS performance, delivering a range of benefits including improved compliance, reduced risk and cost savings. SLR can support its clients across the industrial, commercial and public sectors in improving competence at all organizational levels. Our training courses can be delivered internally to our clients and some may be offered as public courses.

How SLR Can Help

SLR is able to assist clients with the following key services:

  • Identifying  training needs – SLR works with our clients to identify their training needs, to build competence, to improve compliance, enhance management processes, manage specific environmental aspects or objectives and add value.
  • Delivering training – SLR can plan and implement the delivery of training, by inviting, registering and tracking the attendance of clients’ staff, arranging training venues and logistics, and providing all course materials and specialist trainers. 
  • Specialist technical courses – SLR has a growing range of technical courses for specific environmental topics and environmental management techniques. We can tailor training so that it is directly relevant to client activities, and can develop courses to meet new client needs