Site Assessment, Remediation & Regeneration

One of SLR’s main strengths is its experience in identifying and then cost-effectively mitigating the risks associated with contaminated land. We have extensive practical experience in providing site assessment, ground investigation, remedial design and remedial action implementation services on sites potentially affected by contamination. In addition, we are familiar with the requirements of regulators, industrial and commercial clients as well as lending institutions and legal advisors.

SLR’s orientation for achieving efficient, cost effective solutions for its clients is strengthened by the company’s ability to provide a comprehensive range of proven and innovative technologies.

How Can SLR Help?

  • Comprehensive range of site investigation techniques, both intrusive and non-intrusive.
  • Reviews of environmental data.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments, Risk Assessments and Contaminated Land Assessments.
  • Design and management of remediation schemes including materials and waste management.
  • Development of a conceptual site model.
  • Quantitative assessment if required, including toxicological and human health risk assessments.
  • Pragmatic approach to determining mitigation measures.

Main SLR Offering

  • Detailed knowledge of regulations and remediation processes, across international markets.
  • Managing and evaluation site investigations for development schemes.
  • Undertaking human, health and environmental risk assessments.
  • Selection and design of mitigation measures.
  • Management of remediation process.