Oil Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plans

SLR’s expertise in oil spill preparedness and response planning encompasses a diverse blend of industries, as well as detailed knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations and international guidelines.

How SLR Can Help

  • Plan preparation – SLR has extensive experience preparing oil spill contingency plans. Developing these plans involves close coordination with our clients, research and communications between office and field facilities, and interactions and negotiations with agencies on behalf of our clients. Technical writing and editing, illustrations and figures, and document production are part of producing a complete contingency plan.
  • Plan review and maintenance is necessary because plans are living documents – SLR coordinates plan revisions, submits the amended plan to regulators, and distributes the revised plan after approval.
  • Service Provider Coordination – SLR coordinates the plan’s team members, including the client’s in-house response team and support service providers such as response contractors.
  • Oil Spill Exercises – SLR facilitates exercises by assisting in planning and logistics. SLR provides staff to participate in the Incident Management Team Planning Section.
  • Oil Spill Response – SLR staff assists our clients with actual spill response from a logistical and scientific standpoint.
  • Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) services is a unique service area. SLR provides and coordinates aerial reconnaissance surveys, shoreline segmentation shoreline surveys, and associated documentation. SLR also has staff who are trained and experienced participating in SCAT teams.
  • Emergency Permit Applications – SLR assists meeting requirements associated with waste management, wildlife protection, dispersant application management and documentation, and in situ burning.

SLR Capabilities

  • SLR has an experienced team with diverse experience preparing oil spill contingency plans for industry clients, including oil discharge prevention and contingency plans (ODPCP) for oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation facilities.
  • As a global environmental business, we are accustomed to working across country boundaries on major projects. SLR deploys expertise from other companies and supplements local staff with specific technical expertise from experienced individuals from other companies.
  • Regulatory understanding includes a detailed knowledge of regulatory requirements associated with spills and cleanups and how to implement responses within those requirements.
  • SLR staff has a long history of working with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, as well as a wide variety of stakeholders, including Native Alaskans and tribal groups.
  • SLR staff is very experienced in technical editing and formatting to meet the requirements for oil spill plans. In the United States, facility-specific oil spill prevention and response plans must conform to regional and national plans. SLR staff cross-references multiple documents in order to assure conformity to national standards.
  • SLR has assisted clients in obtaining ODPCP approvals for a wide variety of facilities, ranging from oil and gas exploration and production facilities, to oil terminals, vessels, and pipelines. As part of our standard business practice, SLR monitors changes in laws, regulations, and oil spill planning trends to maintain accuracy in the work we do for our clients.
  • Broad Field Capabilities – experience in harsh cold weather environments, rough terrain, and a variety of water conditions. Projects have required the use of helicopters, small aircraft, and water craft.

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