Site Promotion & Consultation

SLR has the specialist environmental knowledge which can often unlock potential development sites.  By combining our technical, design and planning skills we are then able to promote these potential development opportunities.

Effective consultation is an increasingly important part of the site promotion process.  As well as attendance at consultation events and exhibitions we also have the in-house ability to prepare graphic materials such as newsletters and websites.  We can also produce Virtual Reality animations which are particularly useful in communicating the landscape and visual effects of a development.

How Can SLR Help?

  • Unlocking constrained development sites with sound technical assessment.
  • Leading or assisting with the site promotion process.
  • Preparing and/or participating in consultation events.
  • Preparation of consultation materials with our in-house graphic and Virtual Reality capabilities.

Main SLR Offering

  • Technical assessments to help unlock potential development sites
  • Site promotion strategy development and delivery
  • Organization and/or leading of consultation events
  • Developing interactive and compelling graphic and Virtual Reality support