Strategic Advisory Services

Finding independent, focused, expert advice is critical in evaluating new and existing global mineral resource opportunities.

SLR has an extensive resource of highly experienced mining professionals based in various global locations. SLR provides strategic advisory review and due diligence services to banks, mining companies, joint venture partners and stock markets globally. We can assist in supporting company listings, exits and acquisitions.

How SLR can help?

Our strategic advisory services relate primarily to the following:

  • The coordination and execution of due diligence studies.
  • Financial modelling of mining projects and the identification of key sensitivities and risks.
  • Assistance with the development of investment strategies to manage risk and opportunity.
  • Competent persons reports for specific commodities and in specific jurisdictions.
  • Independent engineer or technical experts to advise lending institutions and purchasers during and after a transaction regarding the fulfilment of conditions.
  • Preparation of internal closure Provisions and Financial Assurance cost models.

Main SLR Offering

  • A global network of highly experienced mining professionals, able to critically assess exploration, mining and quarrying projects and provide open, honest and practical advice to clients.
  • Asset enhancement: The ability to offer advice that enhances the value of a mineral asset, through assessment of project improvements or risk reduction opportunities.