Transactional Due Diligence

SLR is especially skilled at quantifying environmental risks in monetary terms to allow clients to make informed business decisions, with a minimal expenditure of time and money.

SLR provides due diligence support services to Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activities. These services, where risk is ‘quantified’ for negotiations, are generally provided in support of acquisitions or divestitures of business interests. There are a number of areas, beyond traditional Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, where an expert understanding of potential risk can allow the better informed party in a transaction to realize significant benefits.

Developing an environmental strategy, before, or during negotiations, shows the transaction team where there are opportunities for environmental savings or mitigating environmental risks.

SLR understands the type and value of liabilities which need to be resolved prior to entering into an agreement and which are best addressed subsequent to an agreement.

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