Advice to Financial Sector

The financial sector within the waste and recycling business area is diverse and includes:

  • Merchant and government banks
  • Equity investors
  • Pension and infrastructure funds
  • Individual entrepreneurs and private developers
  • Business and commerce

SLR supports the financial sector clients funding the waste management industry through market analysis, business plan support, vendor and purchaser technical due diligence, asset valuations, independent certification, and contract dispute resolution.

How can SLR help?

SLR supports the financial sector clients funding the waste management industry in the following way:

  • Market analysis – providing a thorough understanding of local, national and international market dynamics.
  • Business analysis – including strategy and plan support.
  • Company due diligence for vendor, purchaser and investor – on waste, energy and resource management businesses.
  • Technology due diligence – across the full waste handling, treatment, processing and reprocessing supply chain.
  • Asset valuation and optimization – including site appraisals and redevelopment master planning.
  • Independent certification – of waste infrastructure construction, development and operations.
  • Technical advice and support for contract dispute resolution; and
  • Undertaking life cycle and carbon assessments – for all parts of the waste management supply chain.

Main SLR Offering

SLR provides pragmatic, realistic, advice for a range of financial investment decisions within the waste management sector.

Our international outreach provides investors with international SLR team knowledge across a broad range of markets, the full waste management supply chain and technology types.