Public Sector Waste Clients

The public sector within the waste business area is diverse and includes:

  • National or state governments
  • Regional or provincial government
  • Local government
  • Regulatory organizations; and
  • Other publicly supported waste and resource management institutions and industry organizations.

How can SLR help?

On policy and plan development SLR can assist on the following:

  • Policy research, review and development of best practice guidance documentation.
  • Waste management strategy, plan and master planning advice and development.
  • Market intelligence, industry market analysis and strategic business reviews.
  • Independent due diligence, operational and service reviews of waste recycling, recovery and disposal solutions.
  • Life cycle and carbon assessment.

On development, procurement and operational matters SLR can assist on the following:

  • Contract procurement support including business plan development, waste flow modelling and options feasibility studies for a range of contract types.
  • Asset valuations, site searches and site appraisals.
  • Support through the regulatory approvals process for waste facilities, including planning, permitting and environmental impact assessment.
  • Waste facility engineering design and construction management support, including commissioning and training support; and
  • Waste logistics/ collection advice.

Main SLR Offering

SLR provides pragmatic, realistic, solutions for a range of public sector clients.

The SLR global waste management team can provide experience of international best practice strategy, plan and policy formulation, as well as site specific advisory services.