Waste Technology Advice

Appropriate technology choice and selection is fundamental to successful infrastructure development and will determine the nature, type, scale and viability of differing waste management treatment and recovery solutions.

SLR advice spans the full waste management resource supply chain, including the following:

  • Waste recovery – including all forms of residual waste treatment such as energy from waste (EfW) technologies, Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) and other fuel preparation facilities (SRF/RDF),  Advanced Thermal treatment (ATT) and autoclave.
  • Recycling and reprocessing technologies – such as clean or dirty materials recycling facilities (MRF’s).
  • Organics treatment – either aerobically (composting) or anaerobically (anaerobic digestion producing biogas).
  • Landfill and transfer – including all landfill classes and types, as well as leachate treatment facilities and waste transfer stations.
  • Waste collection systems – including bins, boxes, vehicles as well as automated underground collection, diversion and storage systems.

How can SLR help?

  • Management advice – providing full advisory services and procurement support for all elements of engineering management, including owners’ engineer, authority engineer and lenders engineer.
  • Project and contract management – offering the full range of engineering skills from inception, through procurement and final certification.
  • Technology selection – determining waste treatment type and suitability.
  • Technical design and audit – undertaking initial technical audit and technology review, feasibility study and front-end-engineering-design (FEED), detailed design and construction management, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and, trouble-shooting.
  • Assessing renewable and carbon credentials – of renewable energy and waste projects, and assessing their applicability for renewable incentives.

Main SLR Offering

  • Due diligence – studies to a lender/vendor/purchaser.
  • Technology design – such as FEED and HAZOP/HAZAN studies, concept designs, and, design development.
  • Procurement and tender specification support – including preparing technical specifications, tender packages and overall project management.
  • Process optimization – including design and process optimization, operational and maintenance reviews, and, trouble shooting.
  • General training and technical support – including training and instruction for plant operators and managers.