Water Management

Water management is a critical component of all oil and gas operations from conventional to unconventional. Sourcing water and managing produced water are major challenges.

The management of water and related issues is a key component of SLR’s business. We provide support and advice across the whole spectrum of oil and gas clients and service requirements, including:

  • Operational sewage treatment to millions of cubic meters per day,
  • Oil production or shale gas water management systems
  • Permitting and planning advice
  • Detailed design,
  • Plant operation
  • Management and troubleshooting.

How can SLR help?

SLR’s core water cycle service areas include:

  • Resource assessment and monitoring:
    • Hydrology and hydrogeology studies
    • Water quality monitoring and environmental base lines studies
  • Optioneering and outline design:
    • Technical and commercial feasibility studies
    • Options appraisal
    • Outline and detailed design specifications
  • Procurement, construction and commissioning:
    • Tender preparation and procurement services
    • Design development and construction project management
    • Commissioning and performance specification
  • Operations and maintenance management:
    • System and process trouble shooting
    • Industrial waste water treatment
    • Produced water management and treatment
    • Industrial storm water treatment

Main SLR offering

Our services encompass the complete water cycle from sourcing, treatment and disposal. We have a multidisciplinary team of hydro-geologists, environmental specialists and process engineers. These water skills are a core part of our services to resources companies.