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The dirt on the new Ontario Excess Soil Regulations

Kathryn Matheson Risk Assessor
Kathryn Matheson

Kathryn is a Qualified Person in Risk Assessment in Ontario with over 11 years of consulting experience in risk assessments, soil vapour assessments, Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and remediation activities. Kathryn has been involved in the preparation and peer review of numerous Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments, Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation projects under guidance from the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME), Health Canada and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as well as various provincial and territorial bodies (ON, BC, AB, SK, MB, YK).

Roy Schiff leads a field training session on river measurements.

EPA Recognises MassDOT’s Collaboration with MMI/SLR to Protect the Environment and Highway Infrastructure

Roy Schiff Principal Water Resource Engineer
Roy Schiff

Roy is a Water Resource Scientist and Engineer whose practice focuses on hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport, floodplains, channel restoration, and transportation resilience. He has been involved in several research projects across Vermont and the region, evaluating the economic impacts of living in floodplains, drafting best engineering practices to reduce future flood risks, improving protocols for habitat assessment, and creating guidelines for channel restoration. Roy was drawn to this industry because of an early and continued love of fishing and being by the river, and in his role he most values the opportunity to help communities in tough situations solve problems. 

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How businesses will get ahead by embracing Natural Capital

Stewart Lenton Operations Manager
Stewart Lenton

Stewart Lenton is Operations Manager at SLR, having responsibility for a number of teams across the European region - one of which is the ecology team. Stewart’s background is in planning and EIA, working client side before moving into consultancy over 20 years ago. Stewart is also one of the Natural Capital leads within SLR, and also a member of EIC Natural Capital Task Force.

Stewart’s background in planning, coupled with his responsibility for the ecology team, enables him to engage with and guide clients with respect to the new mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain requirements which are part of our planning legislation. As a member of the EIC Natural Capital Task force Stewart interacts with the policy influencers involved in Natural Capital, such as DEFRA, and is able to share this insight about the future horizon for Natural Capital with clients.

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Guidance on the appropriate measures for the biological treatment of waste in England

Paul Wright Technical Director
Paul Wright

Paul’s previous experience as NRW Industry Regulation Team Leader for North and Mid Wales gives him unrivalled insight into the requirements of environmental permitting and compliance, and in particular, knowledge of how the approach to engagement and improvement can influence the natured timing of Regulator actions. This is complemented by a detailed understanding of industrial business operations gained through over 20 years’ experience of operational and technical management of various sites across a range of industrial sectors.

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Brexit and UK REACH - what happens now?

Julian Hought Director UK Process Industries Sector
Julian Hought

Julian  is a chartered engineer with over 28 years’ experience in the chemical industry. He has an established track record covering research and management of engineering and regulatory compliance functions on high hazard manufacturing sites. Much of his experience spans safety in design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, modification and decommissioning of process plant within the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, energy and general manufacturing industries.

eDNA sampling

eDNA will enhance environmental surveys for 500 Canadian lakes

Gord Wichert Technical Director – Ecology
Gord Wichert

Dr. Gordon Wichert is a senior ecologist at SLR Consulting specializing in aquatic ecosystem dynamics, assessment, rehabilitation, and watershed planning.  Over the past 20 years he has completed studies in conservation ecology, landscape-scale delineation and classification, and environmental effects monitoring. Much of his work involves characterizing existing ecosystem conditions, identifying potential responses to proposed land use changes often associated with development, and recommending mitigation and rehabilitation measures.