SLR Consulting Showcases Organic Waste Management Case Study at Canadian SWANA Conference

Richard Johnson, SLR Director and Chief Operating Officer of SLR Canada, will be presenting at the upcoming SWANA Northern Lights 2013 Annual Conference "Rags to Riches". The conference is taking place at Chateau Louis Conference Centre in Edmonton, AB, Canada, June 19th - 21st and will be focusing on alternative uses of waste which includes production of fuels and energy.

In his presentation, Richard will be highlighting SLR's capabilities through a recent B.C. based project case study on Organic Waste Management Life Cycle Assessment Options. The assessment is based upon Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principles which take a look at the options available in the management of organic wastes. It delves into a variety of management options including composting, landfill and land application, comparing the traditional options versus new emerging "green solutions" such as anaerobic digestion.

Richard commented, "The study sheds light on what options are truly 'green' and those deemed to be 'green' from the understanding and perspective that not all scenarios can be painted with the same brush and that the answer is very much tied to the circumstances within the equation."

To catch Richard's presentation, come see him at:

SWANA Northern Lights 2013 Annual Conference Chateau Louis Conference Centre, Edmonton, AB, Canada Friday 21st June, 2013 at 8:30 Â 10:00 am Technical Session 4A (Grand Ballroom) Topic: Biological Waste Treatment Title: "Organic Waste Management Life Cycle Assessment - A Case Study"

About Richard

Richard has over 22 years experience in the design, contract preparation and procurement and management of a variety of infrastructure construction projects.  Richard has spent the last 11 years working specifically within the waste industry where experience has been gained in feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, planning, licensing and the construction of waste facilities including landfills, material recycling facilities civic amenity sites, composting facilities, waste transfer stations and effluent treatment plants. Richard also has over 8 years specific experience in the preparation of environmental permit applications for waste facilities, as well as the preparation of closure reports and surrender applications, In addition, Richard has experience in the feasibility assessment, auditing and procurement support of waste treatment infrastructure including MBT, AD, MRF and EfW.


The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) is a non-profit, educational organization serving individuals and communities responsible for the management and operation of solid waste management systems. The conference is expected to attract delegates with a broad range of interests from across Canada and the United States.

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