SLR steps into a virtual world

SLR Consulting has developed the use of an immersive visualisation headset, based on the Oculus Rift platform, for clients to experience their projects in a virtual 3D environment.

Offered by SLR’s Virtual Reality and Graphics team, the approach provides developers, architects, designers and planners with an incredibly accurate sense of scale for their proposed schemes.

It detects the wearer’s every movement – turn your head to the right and the view will update with you, look up and you see the sky. Users can navigate around the virtual world using a keyboard, game controller or by focusing on objects within the scene.

SLR’s Rob Myers, Associate Architectural Visualiser, said: “This latest technology strengthens the services we can offer to our clients and we see it as an effective tool for projects that need to explain how a scheme will or did appear.

“We believe that it could also be very effective in public consultations, especially for large scale infrastructure projects, such as grid connections or railways.”

SLR whose team includes a full range of multi-disciplinary environmental experts, are offering this service to its clients allowing them the opportunity to ‘step into’ their projects.

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Using Oculus Rift headset
Using Oculus Rift headset