Mining and Risk Breakfast – Guest Speaker Ian Hannam, Founder Hannam and Partners

Global environmental consultancy SLR and strategic risk management consultancy Strategia Worldwide Ltd will host a joint breakfast seminar on Wednesday 25th January, 8am to 10am at the Cavalry and Guards Club, London to discuss “helping companies and investors realise opportunities in complex environments.”

Guest speaker Ian Hannam, Founder of Hannam and Partners and former Chairman of Global Capital Markets at J.P. Morgan will talk about his experiences and ‘lessons learned’ from working on over 300 transactions in over 40 countries in a 30 year period. Ian’s capital markets experience includes transformational transactions for BHP Billiton, Xstrata, BT, SABMiller, Pakistan Telecom, Rio Tinto, Rosneft and HSBC.

Sir Richard Shirreff from Strategia Worldwide and David Walker from SLR will talk about how a comprehensive approach to risk management, addressing technical, political, environmental, social, and regulatory risks, as well as security risks, can help companies and investors fully understand complex environments, assess risks, break down silos, identify gaps and understand the relationship between risks.  This allows companies to realise opportunities and can provide an assurance ‘kite mark’ to investors. They will use a recent case study from Cote D’Ivoire to illustrate how the comprehensive approach works in practice.


Please do contact Jane Macfarlane-Grieve if you would like to attend.

Wednesday 25th January at 8am to 10am

At the Cavalry and Guards Club, 127 Piccadilly, London.

Guest Speakers:

  • Ian Hannam, Founder Hannam and Partners,
  • Sir Richard Shirreff, Partner Strategia Worldwide
  • David Walker, Global Head of Mining, SLR

Key Contacts:

Jane Macfarlane-Grieve