SLR Technical Discipline manager to speak at EIG Conference

Simon Higson, SLR’s Technical Discipline Manager for the Landscape Architecture team, will be presenting a paper titled “What Landscape Strategy?” at next month’s 19th Extractive Industry Geology (EIG) Conference on 7th September, for Day Two: Landscape, Restoration and Surveying.

This year’s conference will be held at the University of Birmingham with the conference and associated field trips taking place between 6th - 9th September. The conference will incorporate a diverse range of technical themes and includes presenters from The Coal Authority, Atkins, Minerals Products Association, University College, London and the British Geological Survey

Simon’s abstract is below:

The National Planning Policy Framework requires that planning authorities should provide for the restoration and aftercare of mineral sites at the earliest opportunity and that this is carried out to high environmental standards. 

In particular, the Technical Guidance to the National Planning Policy Framework requires that any new site or any significant extension to an existing working should include a landscape strategy. This paper will focus on the key topics that should be included within a landscape strategy and use case study examples from an extensive and diverse mining and minerals workload, both throughout the UK and internationally.  

As 2016 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan tip disaster, consideration of how the integration of a landscape strategy with the safe design of mine and quarry tips will be given special attention within this paper. Special emphasis will also be placed on the value and benefits of adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to such projects.  

The paper will focus on the main ways that landscape character can be defined, with opportunities and constraints and the latest computer generated modelling and presentation techniques for assessing visual exposure and screening as well as the role of professional judgement.

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