SLR Success at Red Barns Quarry

SLR has been successful in obtaining planning permission for Ibstock Brick to extend their brick clay quarry at Red Barns, near Wardley, South Tyneside. The expansion in the existing quarry was necessary to underpin the recent investment at Throckley Brickworks which has increased its production rate for the manufacture of bricks.

Although the quarry was an existing operation, the Local Planning Authority required a full Environmental Impact Assessment to accompany the planning application. SLR’s technical disciplines provided assessments of the environmental impact of the deepening and lateral extension of the quarry on such aspects as noise, air quality, local highways, ecology and visual amenity.

Due to local sensitivity about the potential risk of surface water impacts, including flooding, SLR’s hydrologists and hydrogeologists undertook site investigations and developed a comprehensive surface water management scheme to minimise the risk and satisfy the local authority and Environment Agency.

Although the earliest phase of the quarry had been restored, our Landscape Architects developed a comprehensive restoration scheme that incorporated the restored area to give an overall scheme which combines open water, marginal habitats, open grassland with areas of native shrub and woodland planting. Under the terms of the planning consent, ecologists and landscape architects will combine their skills in preparing a detailed restoration scheme when the quarrying is further advanced to ensure the safeguarding and enhancement of local habitats and species and to provide a sustainable landscape for public enjoyment.