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Dr George Nash, Principal, Archaeology & Heritage, over the past three years has been co-directing one of the largest ongoing dendrochronology projects in the UK. The project has revealed a wealth of information on 35 medieval and early post-medieval buildings in Tilley, a small hamlet in north-west Shropshire. The project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) included a number of scientific approaches that assisted in the understanding of the histories of each of the buildings surveyed. The results have revealed several ‘spikes’ within the dendrochronological record which tie-in precisely within the documentary and historic records. 

The hamlet, located 15km north of Shrewsbury, and 2km south of the market town of Wem can be considered an historic time capsule where, over 80% of the buildings present on an Estate Plan of 1631 remain standing today. The data gathered from the dendro samples taken from each building has pushed back the date of construction of each building by at least 100 years.  Said Dr Nash, “our earliest sample dates extended to the late 14th century; these being recycled timbers, with in-situ structural timbers from two buildings dating to 1504.  Clearly, there was a substantial building programme occurring at this time and another during the early part of the 17th century.”  

An article outling the research and findings has been pubslihed in Issue 334, January 2018 of Current Archaeology magazine. Read the full article here.


Key Contacts:

Dr George Nash