Client: Mn48 (Pty) Ltd

The Consolidation Of The Mn48 Mining Right Area and the Khwara Mining Right Application Area and Changes to the Approved Surface Infrastructure Layout

September 25, 2020

Mn48 (Pty) Ltd (previously named Lehating Mining (Pty) Ltd) (Mn48) holds a mining right (MR) and approved Environmental Management Programme report (EMPr) and an Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the development of a new underground manganese mining operation near Black Rock in the Joe Morolong Local Municipality, located in the John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality, Northern Cape Province. The approved mine will be located on a portion of Portion 1 of the farm Lehating 741.

Immediately adjacent and to the south of Mn48 MR area, Khwara Manganese (Pty) Ltd (Khwara) holds an approved EMPr for underground mining of manganese and iron ore in, on and under Portion 2 of the farm Wessels 227 and manganese ore in, on and under the Remaining Extent and Portions 3 and 4 of the farm Dibiaghomo 226 (Khwara MR Application Area). The underground manganese resource in the Khwara MR Application Area will be accessed using Mn48’s approved surface infrastructure. In this regard, no surface infrastructure will be established on the properties within the Khwara MR Application Area. Aside from initial site clearing activities, no surface infrastructure has been established to date.

Mn48 is now proposing to consolidate the Mn48 MR area and the Khwara MR Application Area and associated EMPrs and EAs. In addition, the approved layout of surface infrastructure located on a portion of Portion 1 of the farm Lehating 741 needs to be amended to cater for changes following the outcome of the Bankable Feasibility Study.

SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (SLR), an independent firm of environmental consultants, has been appointed to manage the environmental authorisation process.


Name: Gugu Dhlamini
Telephone: 0114670945


A Background Information Document (BID) detailing preliminary project information has been compiled for review. All stakeholders are invited to register as Interested and Affected Parties (I&AP) and submit any initial comments to SLR by 07 October 2020. All registered I&APs will continue to be given the opportunity to participate and comment for the full duration of the Basic Assessment Process. Registered I&APs will be notified when the Basic Assessment Report (BAR)  will be available for public review. 

The BID is available for download below. An I&AP registration form is included with the BID.