Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is emerging as an important solution to mitigate the climate change impacts of fossil fuel energy.  SLR has been working with national research organisations throughout the world to review potential storage strategies and infrastructure implications required to make CCS a reality.

How can SLR help?

SLR have been involved with CCS for a number of years, working on behalf of government departments, agencies and private companies in a number of countries and regions. Our expertise ranges from high level strategic advice to governments and companies to detailed technical evaluation covering:

  • Identification of geological sites suitable for sequestration
  • Evaluation of storage potential of geological sites, including injection rates and total capacity
  • Risk assessment of containment issues relating to long term storage, and, development of plans to mitigate and reduce the risk to internationally acceptable levels
  • Evaluation of the potential to reuse existing infrastructure for COstorage, including offshore platforms and wells
  • Evaluation of transportation options from sources of captured to potential storage sites
  • Evaluation of ship versus pipeline transportation of CO2 to an offshore site, including identification of pipeline routes, together with high level specification and costing
  • Evaluation of the potential to re-use existing pipelines

SLR Capabilities

Our in depth technical expertise in CCS outlined here enables us to apply SLR’s core environmental services in a focused and effective way.  Environmental compliance, permitting and monitoring form a key part to our services to CCS projects.