Carbon Capture, Transport & Storage

Recognising the potential of carbon capture transport and storage is now well established. Realising its potential is the challenge now facing the energy and low carbon industry.

SLR has been involved with carbon capture, transport and storage since 2008, working on carbon capture projects on behalf of government departments, agencies and private companies.

How can SLR help?

Our core advice and support for carbon capture and storage schemes include the following;

  • Evaluation of transportation options from sources to potential storage sites including the evaluation of both pipeline versus ship transportation options as well as the potential to reuse existing pipelines for CO2 transportation
  • Project development including planning and permitting support. SLR understands the carbon capture, transport and storage business and has a wide range of relevant in house capabilities such as geology, hydrogeology and geotechnics to support permitting and planning applications
  • Identification of geological structures suitable for CO2 storage. This includes the evaluation of storage potential of geological structures, including injection rates and the potential to reuse existing infrastructure, including platforms and wells
  • Risk assessment of containment issues relating to long term storage and development of plans to mitigate and reduce the risk of leakage to internationally accepted standards

SLR Capabilities

  • Proven expertise and experience. Detailed knowledge of the carbon capture, transport and storage sector and of successfully delivering a variety of projects to both the public and private sector
  • Multi-disciplinary technical expertise: Our in-house capabilities that include key skills such as planning, geology, hydrogeology and geotechnics
  • Planning, EIA and permitting expertise to provide support for carbon capture project development, including stakeholder engagement