Environmental Management, Permitting & Compliance

SLR provides a comprehensive environmental management, permitting and compliance service to our clients. We support our clients in all areas of environmental management, including developing and maintaining integrated and discipline-specific management systems for environment, health & safety and energy that add value to businesses. We also help our clients secure waste and environmental permits, to enable them to effectively comply with regulatory requirements.

We deliver corporate responsibility services, in strategic sustainability issues and corporate reporting.

SLR also provides services to help our clients conform to all environmental compliance obligations and to operate efficiently, aligning with the principles of a circular economy. We have proven expertise and experience in working with private and public organisations across a variety of sectors providing a broad range of technical and non-technical services.

How can SLR help?

Compliance Services

Organisations face increasingly complex compliance requirements through legislation and customer demands. Our specialists provide support at strategic and operational levels, to develop and maintain effective compliance processes that improve environmental, health and safety (EH&S) performance.

Corporate Responsibility and Reporting

In order to stand out, organisations need to understand how they can develop environmental sustainability strategies that meet stakeholder expectations and add value. SLR’s experts support organisations by identifying risks and providing robust, governance processes and transparent performance reports.

Environmental and Sustainability Training

Capacity-building and competence development are key to successful environmental management and achieving sustainability goals. SLR’s experts support organisations in identifying competence gaps and developing and delivering expert training to close them.

Management Systems

An effective management system is fundamental to all businesses, regardless of the nature of their activities. SLR supports our clients in developing and applying effective management systems, as stand-alone or integrated systems, for environment, health and safety, and energy management.

Resource Efficiency Services

All businesses recognise that they could be more efficient in what they do, regardless of the nature of their activities. SLR has developed a suite of resource efficiency services to support our clients in delivering environmental sustainability improvements, business efficiencies and cost savings.

Waste and Industrial Permitting

SLR’s regulatory compliance specialists support industry through the complicated set of statutory obligations related to environmental permit and license requirements associated with waste management and manufacturing processes. SLR prepares permit applications and supports our clients with all aspects of regulator liaison and permit compliance.

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