Corporate Responsibility and Reporting

Organisations benefit from having access to reliable environmental performance metrics and understanding their sustainability issues. There are growing global drivers for reliable reporting of environmental sustainability performance at the organisational level. SLR can help companies meet investor, customer, regulator and stock exchange expectations for reporting.

SLR’s technical specialists also advise our clients on a wide range of sustainability topics, researching emerging issues, monitoring trends, benchmarking competitors and providing detailed briefings to support our clients in developing and enhancing their sustainability strategies. SLR also provides senior management training and facilitates strategy development workshops to foster innovation.

In response to stakeholder demand, organisations too often provide detailed, retrospective reports of environmental performance, which fail to demonstrate proactive, innovative approaches to product and service development and delivery, and to the management of future risks. Our specialists help our clients to develop efficient processes for monitoring and reporting performance, ensuring credibility.

SLR provides the following services in corporate responsibility and reporting:

  • Research to identify and understand the issues
  • Strategy briefings, training and workshops
  • Guidance on corporate reporting and disclosure
  • Developing KPI processes
  • Data and report assurance and verification