Highways & Transportation Planning

We are involved in projects from initial feasibility studies and planning assessments to the design and implementation of the development and off site highway infrastructure. Our work takes account of the environmental and commercial sensitivities of new developments and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide accurate and timely advice to our clients, helping to minimise the need for prolonged negotiations with the relevant authorities.

SLR has considerable skill in identifying the key issues relating to each individual site, developing technical arguments to be supportive of the case for development. The team work well both on multi-discipline projects and when offering a separate technical service and will happily take on all challenges from small scale projects through to large scale mixed use development.

The team are accomplished in the preparation of Transport Assessments, Traffic Management Plans and Travel Plans and can offer a range of support services.

How can SLR help?

Expert Evidence

Our directors are recognised traffic engineers and are regularly instructed to act in Planning and Environment Court and Land Court Appeal matters. We maintain a commitment to the Court in these matters in seeking to ensure that the transport system is appropriately utilised, designed or managed and provides a suitable level of service and safety for all users.

Highway Design

SLR provides a range of engineering capability relating to the planning, design and construction management of highway projects. Our aim is to offer clients the opportunity to release the potential of development sites via initial concept design, transport assessment, outline designs for planning applications & detailed designs, implementation, and construction management.

Route Assessment – Abnormal Loads

SLR combines route suitability assessments and swept path analysis to appraisal potential routes for the accommodation of abnormal loads. In particular SLR supports wind farm developments which require the movement of large inflexible loads to remote locations, however the transportation of large loads through congested urban areas is also a development consideration.

Traffic Management Plans

SLR prepares variations of Traffic Management Plans, to include construction traffic management plans, event traffic management plans and operational traffic management plans. Often required to discharge conditions a Traffic Management Plan will detail the likely impacts associated with a certain phase of a development and will detail the suitable mitigation measures required, with particular focus on road safety where required.

Traffic Signal Design

Production of signal design layouts, hardware layouts and cable connection plans are speciality services provided by our team. Our skills in operational performance allows us to design optimum solutions to manage delays to all road users. We have experience in custom design options which incorporate light rail, heavy rail, pedestrian / cycle and bus priority infrastructure.

Transport Assessments

SLR has a team of highly experienced professionals who can undertake the assessment work associated with Transport Assessments and Traffic Impact Assessments. Any form of built development will require consideration of its impact in transportation terms, requiring consideration of its accessibility, the likely traffic that it will generate, and the ability of the existing or improved public transport network to service the development.

Transport Statements

SLR offers a tailored service for reduced transport assessment requirements. A Transport Statement is a simplified version of a Transport Assessment, often used to support developments where the impacts are deemed to be minimal. SLR has a wealth of experience both in determining the need for a Transport Assessment or Statement and in with the engagement of the relevant local authorities.

Travel Planning Services

SLR has the capability and expertise to research, design and implement Travel Plans for a broad range of organisations, including local authorities, businesses, developers, land owners, hospitals and education establishments. We also have the expertise to provide in-house Travel Plan Co-ordinators when required.

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