Hydrology & Hydrogeology

We have a long and successful record of working with planners, engineers, developers and regulators promoting sites in sensitive hydrological settings or in areas prone to drought or flood risk.

SLR’s hydrologists, hydrogeologists, water resource and flood risk specialists have extensive experience working in many business sectors including development (retail, commercial, industrial and residential), mining and minerals, waste, energy (hydro, wind, solar and infrastructure) and oil and gas.

We have undertaken field studies extensively across Europe, Africa, North America and Australia and we use the latest hydraulic and hydrological modelling techniques to inform our analytical studies and design recommendations. SLR hydrologists, hydrogeologists, geochemists, ecologists and engineers routinely work together and we have in-house the range of skills to undertake water resource and use/minimisation studies, habitat surveys, assess groundwater and surface water interaction, complete low river flow assessments, prepare water balances and present habitat improvement and diversification plans.

How Can SLR Help

  • Abstraction Consenting/Permitting
  • Aquifer Characterisation and Testing
  • Baseline Hydrology Studies
  • Development of Long Term Flow Sequences
  • Discharge Consenting/Permitting
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Due Diligence
  • Flood Hydrology, Peak Flow and Flood Volume Estimation
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Geomorphology Studies
  • Groundwater Modelling and Resource Studies
  • Hydrometry and Monitoring of Rainfall, Evaporation, Flow, Discharge and Water Level
  • Hydraulic Modelling of Channels, Flood Defences and Sewer Networks
  • Low Flow Estimation
  • Peat, Wetland and Bog Hydrology
  • Planning and Design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Reservoir and Flood Defence Breach Analysis
  • River Diversion and Culvert/Bridge Design
  • Sediment Transport Assessment
  • Storm Water Management and Drainage Infrastructure Design
  • Sustainable Water Use and Resource Studies
  • Tailing Dam Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Geochemistry
  • Waste Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Geochemistry
  • Water Balances and Masterplanning
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment

Hydrogeology, Groundwater Management & Geochemistry

SLR’s large in-house team of hydrogeology and geochemistry specialists is widely recognised for providing high quality technical expertise on a broad range of groundwater-related projects for a diverse client base in the private and public sectors.

Our hydrogeology and geochemistry projects draw from our diverse team of in-house water resources specialists including contaminant hydrogeologists, geochemists, modellers, aquatic biologists and other related disciplines. The SLR team is driven by excellence and recognises the importance of integrating technical, legal, regulatory and economic issues to support our clients in making effective decisions during all stages of a project. We have extensive practical experience in all aspects of hydrogeological site characterisation and utilise industry-standard software and state-of-the art tools and equipment. We are also recognised for our significant contributions on numerous professional and technical committees for the development and review of technical guidance documents for groundwater practitioners.

Key areas of SLR’s expertise include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Geochemistry & Hydrogeology for Risk Assessment
  • Water Supply Development & Aquifer Management
  • Contaminated Site Assessment, Monitoring & Remediation
  • Strategy, Policy & Governance Evaluation
  • Hydro-Ecological and Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction Assessments

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