Mine Closure Planning

The extent to which a mining or exploration company is able to manage regulator, community  and employee expectations and the final closure outcomes has a major impact on long term investor, community and regulator sentiment.

SLR mine closure planning experts provide strategic planning services to develop a closure vision, communicate that vision to stakeholders, developing and implementing a closure strategy.

SLR provides expertise to assess the current closure strategy status and identify knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.  Our closure experts also provide scheduling, resource allocation and closure liability or budget assessments to assist with financial planning.

How can SLR help?

Our services for delivering successful mine closure plans include the following:

  • Strategic planning to develop and communicate a closure vision at corporate and operational levels, which address complex socio-economic, physical and bio-physical mine closure challenges
  • Stakeholder engagement to identify issues and facilitate risk communication and conflict resolution
  • Assessment of key closure risks and liabilities and prediction of post closure residual impacts, water treatment and engineering requirements
  • Development of closure guidelines to achieve corporate closure objectives across all operations
  • Scheduling, resource allocation and budgeting to facilitate staffing and financial planning
  • Preparation of internal closure Provisions and Financial Assurance cost models

SLR Capabilities

  • Asset enhancement: SLR can assist in developing a closure vision that strives to enhance alternative livelihoods for affected employees and suppliers, and transform residual mining infrastructure to an alternative beneficial use
  • Proven experience and expertise in the development of concept through to detailed rehabilitation and closure plans
  • Full life cycle support. Closure planning is considered from the start of any mining pre-feasibility study.  By developing a closure vision early in the life cycle, management of risks and expectations is easier. Closure outcomes tend to be less controversial and better able to meet the requirements of post mining land and resource users