​Natural Capital, Environmental and Biodiversity Net Gain

Natural Capital, Environmental and Biodiversity Net Gain are important because:

  • Businesses depend upon ‘Natural Capital’ and the benefits that ‘ecosystem services’ provide. These underpin our economy;
  • Natural Capital and the benefits that flow from these are in decline both in the UK and Globally;
  • Responsible business leaders are using ‘A Natural Capital Approach’ to help address this and put the environment at the heart of business decision making;
  • ‘Natural Capital’ and ‘Biodiversity Net gain’ are embedded within the government’s 25 year Environment Plan and the Environment Bill.

What We Do

SLR works with organisations to help them understand their environmental impact, reduce this and identify opportunities to move towards a positive environmental impact. We have proven expertise in all areas of sustainability, environmental impacts, climate change, ecology and biodiversity. We support organisations in using a natural capital approach to understand the risks and opportunities together with the environmental impacts their businesses have. Working with our clients we develop a baseline, improvement measures and a means to work towards achieving environmental net gain.

How We Can Help

  • Natural Capital briefings and training
  • Integration of existing sustainability programs into a Natural Capital approach
  • Impacts assessments and baseline development
  • Identifying and developing improvement measures
  • Implementation of environmental net gain initiatives, setting KPI’s and monitoring
  • Reporting
  • ESG reviews of business operations
  • Due Diligence/ ESG review of current or potential assets
  • Biodiversity Metrics assessments
  • Mitigation identification and project implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Climate Change Reporting

SLR is also experienced in working with clients to develop sustainability strategies, please find out more about our service offering here.

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