Natural Gas

In the emerging conventional and unconventional gas plays of the world, getting gas to market and integrating gas supply with demand will be a challenge.  SLR has a team of gas value chain experts with knowledge of the gas markets and regions.

How can SLR help?

SLR provides services in enabling companies to move gas to market.   The integration of gas production through pipeline networks, LNG and on to market is vital to monetizing gas resources.

SLR combines a technical knowledge of the gas business with infrastructure planning and regulations to support companies through the complex gas to market decision making process.  Although our service is applicable to mature gas producing basins, we have specialist understanding of bringing new particularly unconventional gas resources into mature consumer markets. Our services include:

  • Overall conventional and unconventional gas market development scenario assessment,including supply- and demand-side assessments
  • Strategic optioneering for marketing gas, including electricity generation, pipeline to gas grids and/or industrial consumption and LNG related infrastructure planning and environmental assessment
  • Assistance in environmental and planning of underground gas storage facilities
  • Planning and consenting for gas gathering systems and associated infrastructure
  • Assessment of underground coal gasification projects including resource assessments, drilling site location siting, environmental and consenting implications of project development and market assessments for syngas

SLR Capabilities

Core to our offering is mapping gas supply and timing with demand. SLR is unique in bringing together a knowledge of the subsurface and social issues with the market and demand analysis.