Oil & Gas Advisory Services

The Advisory Services team is hand-picked and comprises geoscientists; reservoir, petroleum and facilities engineers; economists; and commercial and financial experts with most offering over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

This team of experienced professionals is complemented by graduates that have been selected based on their outstanding academic record. This ensures that we remain abreast of the latest techniques, technology and learning.

SLR’s Oil & Gas Advisory Team has worked in over 48 different countries around the world with particular focus in the UK, NW Europe and Africa. As a recognised and trusted partner to the industry, we have worked on over 60% of all producing UK fields. In Africa, we have delivered over 60 project solutions to 34 players active in the region since 2006. Our global footprint is continuously growing as clients seek to capitalise on this extensive experience of both mature and emerging energy markets.

How SLR can help

We provide advice to clients on the following issues:

Business Growth Targets

Corporate commitment to shareholders to deliver significant growth targets within defined time periods.

Lack of Expertise in Markets / Assets

Organisations that do not have existing experience within a country, region, geological formation, policy framework, regulatory environment or with a type of technology.

Misaligned Commercial Terms

We offer a team of professionals with decades of accumulated global gas and oil industry experience on originating, negotiating, modelling, operating, monitoring and amending commercial agreements.

Need to Raise Funds

Companies that require funds in order to develop an asset or expand their portfolio.

Problem Assets

Solutions to problem oil and gas assets emerge in many ways – sometimes a fresh perspective is all that is needed while on other occasions it is the sharing of experiences gained elsewhere in the globe.

Resource Constraints

We are often called upon to rectify resource constraints within our client’s teams. Clients benefit from access to a broad range of technical skills, market knowledge and asset experience.

Unbalanced Portfolios

We offer a complete corporate strategic review service across the upstream oil and gas value chain including ‘portfolio health checks’.

Undeveloped Fields

Researching Undeveloped Fields is crucial to numerous organisations, ranging from new operators following an acquisition exercise, existing operators considering their business strategy and next steps, and asset owners of a newly-discovered opportunity now considering commercialisation options.

For more information

For more information on our Advisory Services for the Oil & Gas sector, please contact a member of our specialist team below