Design Monitoring & Management

Project management assistance, input into the design process and the ability to design and implement effective monitoring programmes are essential to the successful delivery of infrastructure projects which often have environmental impacts encompassing large land or water areas as well as large population centres.

SLR can offer experienced engineers and environmental scientists with proven and practical design experience covering a wide range of niche technical services.  Through our input to the design process and management of subsequent monitoring regimes, we strive to add value to our clients’ projects, while mitigating their long-term risks and protecting the interests of relevant stakeholders.

How can SLR help?

SLR provides multi-disciplined, specialist project management, design and monitoring services across the entire infrastructure sector including government services.  Our core advice includes:

  • Project Development Support:  working closely with our clients to design infrastructure projects which use energy, waste and water in a sustainable manner, taking into account a whole-of-life cycle approach.  In this way, our clients can be assured that the maintenance and operational characteristics of an infrastructure project are optimised along with the initial up-front costs
  • SLR’s multi-disciplinary experience: Enabling us to provide our clients with innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions which result in sustainable infrastructure outcomes with positive environmental benefits.  Our leading edge monitoring expertise allows our clients to showcase the environmental benefits of their projects to the community while confirming their compliance requirements to regulatory authorities

SLR Capabilities

The key capabilities of the SLR consultants who work in the Infrastructure Sector include:

  • Project management advice and services
  • Design services covering a wide range of niche technical areas related to the environmental footprint of infrastructure projects
  • Monitoring programmes covering all aspects of infrastructure project engineering performance (stress, strain, displacement) and environmental emissions;  monitoring regime design, field surveys, remote monitoring, real-time (web-based) monitoring, monitoring results analysis and interpretation