The Arctic & Cold Regions

As interest increases in Arctic resource development, traditional exploration and development practices need to be adapted to create a sustainable business with respect to:

  • Cultural compatibility
  • Environmental impact
  • Project economics

The Arctic presents unique challenges in terms of harsh weather, sea ice, short winter daylight hours, distance from infrastructure, and communities unaccustomed to nearby large developments with the associated industrial activity.

How can SLR help?

SLR is unique in providing a range of consulting services to the industry focused on maintaining the fine balance between developing hydrocarbon resources and protecting the fragile Arctic environment.  The Arctic requires special expertise to avoid long-term impacts, and we have a range of services targeted at minimising the impact of hydrocarbon exploitation, including:

  • Resource evaluation and competent person reporting (CPR) for both conventional and unconventional resources
  • Transaction support and due diligence, both subsurface and environmental
  • Geological and geophysical evaluation, from basin through to prospect and development.
  • Geophysical and geological operations support
  • EIA, social engagement, permitting, planning and consenting
  • Waste management, including oil spill contingency planning
  • Site remediation and restoration
  • Water management

Our Anchorage and Fairbanks offices support all operations in Alaska and provide a deep pool of expertise to underpin our consultants based in Canada and Northern Europe. Offices in Whitehorse and Yellowknife provide excellent Canadian cold region coverage.  Our global business model facilitates providing the best skilled staff to the client site independent of geography.

SLR Capabilities

In addition to the core services listed above, SLR has market leading expertise in niche disciplines that are proving critical to successful Arctic operations. These services include:

  • Noise and vibration
  • Ecology, biodiversity and cultural heritage implications of oil and gas development
  • Air quality assessments and reporting, fugitive gas emission studies