Waste Management

SLR Consulting is a leading global provider of environmental consultancy services to the waste and recycling sector, providing advice to a range of clients including waste producers, the waste management industry, its regulators and investors.

The waste management philosophy developed by SLR Consulting follows an established waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimisation, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal.

The global SLR team has experience of providing practical advice on all waste types, including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and, mining waste.

How SLR can help

SLR offers the following waste management services:

Advice to Financial Sector

SLR supports the financial sector clients funding the waste management industry through market analysis, business plan support, vendor and purchaser technical due diligence, asset valuations, independent certification, and contract dispute resolution.

Design, Build & Contract Management

As infrastructure is developed careful design, construction and contract management support is required to ensure efficient and effective project realisation across the four key stages of project delivery.

Landfill - Engineering, Gas & Leachate Management

Based on numerous projects and many years of experience, SLR offers an extensive range of construction management services for the development, operation and aftercare of a modern integrated landfill facility.

Private Sector Waste Clients

The private sector within the waste business area is diverse and includes: Local, national and international private waste management service providers; Landowners and developers; Energy production companies; Mining companies; and Industrial companies.

Public Sector Waste Clients

The public sector within the waste business area is diverse and includes: National or state governments; Regional or provincial governments; Local government; Regulatory organisations; and other publicly supported waste and resource management institutions and industry organisations.

Waste & Wastewater Management

Waste strategy and plan development is critical in providing a framework and business plan for improved waste resource management and is relevant for all organisations and jurisdictions.

Waste Logistics & Routing

Waste management services are often complex, extending to multiple vehicles, collecting many different material types for drop off, at a range of waste management facilities within urban and rural locations.

Waste Regulatory Approvals

Most waste management activity requires some form of regulatory approval. The global SLR team has considerable experience of navigating our clients through the different regulatory approvals process often required.

Waste Strategy, Procurement & Design

Waste strategy and plan development is critical in providing a framework and business plan for improved waste resource management, and is relevant for all organisations and jurisdictions.

Waste Technology Advice

Appropriate technology choice and selection is fundamental to successful infrastructure development and will determine the nature, type, scale and viability of differing waste management treatment and recovery solutions.

Water Management

Water management is a critical component of all oil and gas operations from conventional to unconventional. Sourcing water and managing produced water are major challenges.

Water Resource & Quality

SLR helps its clients secure a competitive advantage through the assessment, evaluation and optimisation of its energy and water resources.

​Client & Technical Service Offering​s

  • Public sector waste support
  • Private sector waste companies
  • Advice to financial sector
  • Construction Companies and Waste Technology Providers
  • Waste strategy and plan development
  • Waste treatment technology and disposal advice
  • Regulatory approvals for all facility types (planning, permitting and EIA)
  • Design, build and contract
  • Waste logistics and routing

Where SLR has worked

Our waste management project experience includes:

Anaerobic Digestion Plant: Technical Advice (UK)

SLR is currently acting as Technical Adviser to Fife Council (under 7 year Framework Contract) to support the Council as owner and developer of a £16 million, 43,000 tpa, 1.5 MWe biogas AD plant at their site at Lochhead, Dunfermline, Scotland.

Automated Waste Collection System Feasibility Study (AUS)

SLR was engaged in early 2011 to undertake a feasibility assessment for automated waste collection for the Green Square Town Centre and wider Green Square district and later for air quality and noise impact assessments.

Landfill Cover Design-Build (US)

The Army Environmental Command (AEC) closed the Site 1 Landfill at the Marine Ocean Terminal in Concord, CA. It was historically formed by pushing waste out into the adjacent tidal marsh; resulting in submerged waste and portions of the waste mass within the tidal fluctuation zone.

Landfill Gas Migration Control (US)

The SLR team provided a third-party review of engineering plans and specifications together with inspection services in order to establish that the system had been constructed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications on behalf of the City.

Landfill Gas: Clean Development Mechanism (SA)

The Mariannhill Landfill Site is a registered National Conservancy site – whilst being an operational landfill facility for waste disposal. For the 2010 FIFA World Cup, SLR assisted in realising the off-setting of carbon emission reductions for the event through the identification of key elements.

Landfill: Design, Construction & Supervision (AUS)

SITA Australia engaged SLR to provide detailed design services, CQA Plan submission and CQA supervision for Elizabeth Drive Landfill, Kemps Creek, NSW. The design included a groundwater management system, engineered clay liner, geosynthetics and a leachate collection and management system.

Plastics to Crude Oil (US)

SLR’s Process Engineering Group were retained by a UK investment vehicle who were considering an investment into a Plastics-to-Crude Oil project at multiple sites in the United States and based on a recognised pyrolysis technology and associated feed preparation equipment.

Technical Advice: Biomass Gasification Plant (UK)

Use of waste wood/SRF requires the biomass plants to be WID compliant. SLR were engaged by the developer to undertake two tasks, a technical due diligence of the proposed biomass process and a biomass market assessment of feedstock arisings within a 60 minute drive time.

Technical Advice: Public Sector Procurement (UK)

SLR was appointed as Technical Advisor (TA) for Glasgow City Council’s (GCC) long term residual waste procurement contract. The contract brief required SLR to provide high quality technical, planning, permitting, and environmental advice in relation to a long term residual waste treatment project.

Waste Gas to Electricity CDM Project (SA)

SA Calcium Carbide (SACC) (Pty) Ltd, located in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, has with SLR as their appointed project managers, developed an 8MW capacity electricity generation capacity Co-gen project utilising their furnace waste off-gas.

Waste Management Assessment (CAN)

SLR was selected to deliver an assessment of the existing organic diversion system operated within the RDCO including the full range of materials such as all form of wood waste, yard waste, paper, cardboard and food waste. SLR also advised RDCO on the sustainability credentials of their options.

Waste Recovery Infrastructure (IRE)

SLR was commissioned by the IWMA to analyse Ireland’s position regarding compliance with the EU Landfill Directive in terms of diversion of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) from landfill. SLR created an independent technical report to predict whether they would meet the 2013 and 2016 targets.

Waste Strategy Masterplan (CAN)

SLR carried out a study to assist in planning for the future development of waste and recycling services in the region of Grande Prairie called the South Peace Region. The region covers an area of approximately 5,570 km and lies in the Great Plains Region of North America.

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