Waste Management

All industry clients are facing increasing pressure and challenges with respect to waste. The Waste Management market is changing and there’s increased consumer focus upon waste materials such as food waste, packaging and plastics. Many of our clients are global entities and have zero waste to landfill targets, and whilst these targets may be achievable in some regions, the recycling facilities aren’t comprehensive in a number of regions.

SLR has a long heritage in the waste sector, and is ideally suited to work with industry clients to ensure that they have robust and feasible strategies for the waste generated today and in the future. Our consultants have worked in industry and understand process and manufacturing and can look at all aspects of the waste value chain, from minimising waste by working with the supply chain, through to minimisation during manufacture and then recycling and disposal.

  • Waste mapping
  • Waste minimisation reviews and options appraisals
  • Waste contract management review and negotiation
  • Waste to landfill reviews and waste recycling audit and option appraisals
  • Waste water treatment plant, design, optimisation and training
  • Consumer electronic waste and WEEE compliance and market review
  • Producer responsibility