SLR People

We are fortunate to employ some of the best consultants in our industry.


Samantha Pople

Principal, Environment Management, Permitting & Compliance, UK Close

As soon as I arrived at SLR I realised it was a very different place to work compared with my previous experience in the industry - it felt like SLR was a breath of fresh air. The management structure is relaxed, and everyone, across all levels, is encouraged to contribute to the overall success of the business. There are no barriers to presenting and discussing different ideas and approaches to daily work and projects. Everyone is encouraged to work for, and with, other teams in the company, and particularly during challenging project work, help from other technical teams is always encouraged.


Alex Campbell

Regional Sector Leader – Infrastructure, APAC Close

I was attracted to SLR because of our reputation in the marketplace as the ‘provider of choice’ in many environmental disciplines within the infrastructure sector. Having worked in the industry for 15 years, I’m passionate about building and maintaining strong client relationships, which align with SLR’s philosophy. I think the most effective and enjoyable way to provide the best advice is to take time to foster strong relationships with our clients by developing mutually beneficial partnerships that work together for the best overall project outcomes.


Stewart Lenton

European Operations Manager, Environmental Specialist Services, UK Close

I joined SLR in 1996 when the business comprised about 25 staff in total, having previously worked within the minerals industry. Over the 20 years I have been with SLR, the company has developed significantly in the range of services provided across a wider range of sectors, as well as through our global reach. Throughout these times it has always remained a great place to work. As a member of the European Management Team, I spend much of my time working on the development of both individuals and the growth of the teams that I have responsibility for. We now have a great opportunity to grow the business profitably in both a staff and client-focused manner.


Monita Vosloo

Human Resources Manager, South Africa Close

My role at SLR is to support and assist consultants and the management team to drive strategic workforce planning, develop talent, build on our friendly corporate culture, develop further modern HR processes, and ensure we operate within the framework of African labour legislation. I enjoy working at SLR because of the unique company culture and the people. Employees always have a clear understanding of the direction in which SLR is going. Above all, SLR practices honest and open communication that builds trust and loyalty.


Melissa Richardson

Commercial Accountant, Finance, APAC Close

An aspect of SLR’s ‘five elements’ which I value is the desire to be connected to our local communities. As well as working in our local community, we of course generally live there too, and it is the place we all call home. SLR makes an effort to support the communities which are local to our offices, and by demonstrating this commitment it gives SLR employees a feeling of contributing, improving morale, and creating a common bond.


Winnie Kambinda

Hydrogeologist, Namibia Close

Working at SLR is a challenging and rewarding experience professionally. As a Project Manager, I’m involved in all aspects of project work and continue to find opportunities to learn and polish my expertise. Central to the business, I would explain SLR’s “one team” culture as an approach that provides expert technical and administrative support to ensure delivery of a high-quality product to the client, all whilst sharing risks and responsibilities. I feel encouraged to work with other teams, an am always on the lookout for opportunities for collaboration.


Neihad Al-Khalidy

Technical Director for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind & Energy, Australia Close

Our team offers significant expertise in Wind, Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and thermal technologies ranging from mechanical, chemical, building technology and environmental analysis to the aerodynamic modelling of aircraft and ships. A particular highlight for the team recently was the recognition of our contribution to the export market at the Master Builders Australia National Excellence Awards. We will now continue to introduce our specialist CFD and Wind Engineering services internationally, especially in the UK and North America.


Peter Leonard

Technical Director, Land Quality & Remediation, UK Close

Working within SLR’s friendly European business is exciting, as our size, skills and systems mean we’re free to work on projects which last a few days and those where our consultants work as one team to deliver something of great value to our clients. This means that the vast majority of specialists and project managers, like me, are exposed to the spectacular diversity of projects generated by our new and long-standing client relationships. I always feel good when an SLR team, with individuals drawn from our network of offices, guide clients and help them achieve their objectives.


Megan Coracci

Principal and US Transactional Due Diligence Manager, US Close

The merger and acquisition work where I spend most of my time encompasses a wide variety of industries and market sectors both nationwide and internationally. The most enjoyable part of my job is the diversity of the projects, the challenges of every transaction, and the great people I get to work with on a daily basis. I’ve spent over 17 years working with many of the same colleagues. Over the last year we’ve added some talented staff in Portland, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team who joined with E.Vironment in Houston, as well as great people in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Ireland.


Ian Mitchell

Technical Discipline Manager, Hydrology & Hydrogeology, Canada Close

I manage a talented team of water resource professionals in SLR with diverse surface water and groundwater skillsets. My personal expertise is in the assessment of contaminated sites, developing strategies to achieve site closure and advising clients on how to navigate the complex regulatory framework and obtain regulatory instruments. I have always been passionate about minimal impact exploration of remote wilderness areas. It was a natural progression for me to develop a career in the environmental business as it provides me with a sense of giving back to the environment, which sustains us and provides so much enjoyment.


Barbara Kuryk

Head of Environmental Management, Permitting and Approvals, US Close

I have the privilege of advising senior environmental leaders in some of the top oil and gas companies in the world. It is exciting to work with companies that treat environmental questions as the strategic business issues they are, and apply leading edge environmental management tools to create strategic advantage. I also have the privilege of leading a team that includes top-notch, dedicated environmental professionals who are creating business value across our technical disciplines. The individuals are highly sought-out for their strong expertise and contributions to both SLR’s and our clients’ business success.


Mike Young

Director of Finance, Canada Close

I joined SLR over eight years ago in the UK as Commercial Manager and transferred to Canada, initially on a two year term, to assist with the integration of the newly-acquired business here. Alongside my daily role of overseeing the finance group, I have responsibility for contract/risk management and our insurance programme. I appreciate the importance SLR gives to the role of finance teams around the group and I have a passion for learning about the diverse projects that the SLR Group is involved with.